University Otolaryngology Associates - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

University Otolaryngology Associates is dedicated to providing outstanding ear, nose and throat medical and surgical care to both adults and children. By remaining an independent medical provider, their private practice is able to be flexible and customer service oriented. They are committed to providing the most comprehensive and compassionate care for their patients. Their entire staff value the relationships that they establish with their patients, their families and other physicians.

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University Otolaryngology Associates Locations and Contacts

Office Hours for all Locations: Monday - Friday 8:00am-4:30pm

Center City
205 North Broad Street, Suite 401
Philadelphia, PA 19107


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Northeast Philadelphia
8350 Roosevelt Boulevard, Suite 1
Philadelphia, PA 19152


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Einstein Physicians Center One
9880 Bustleton Avenue #308
Philadelphia, PA 19115


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Albert Einstein Medical Center
5501 Old York Road, Paley 2nd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19141


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