Urology Associates of North Texas

Texas Urologists Specializing in: Robotic Prostate Surgery * Prostate Cancer * Robotic Kidney Surgery * Kidney Cancer * Cryosurgery * Vasectomy * Incontinence & Urinary Control * Minimally Invasive Surgery * Laparoscopic Kidney & Prostate Treatment * no scalpal Vasectomy * General Urology * Male Infertility * Prostatectomy * Human Sexuality

Urology Associates of North Texas
Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington Texas

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Services Offered by the Urology Associates of North Texas

Urologic Oncology Robotic & Lararoscopic Surgery Cryosurgery Prostate/Kidney
Urologic Oncology
Advanced diagnostics & treatments
Prostate, Kidney and Bladder Caner
Robotic & Lararoscopic Surgery Robotic-assisted laparoscopic
Prostectomy & Nephrectomy
Cryosurgery Prostate/Kidney
Minimally Invasive Treatment for Prostate Cancer & Kidney Cancer
General Urology Male Infertility Urinary Control
General Urology
Elevated PSA, BPH, Kidney Stones, Urinary Tract Infections, Bladder Cancer
Male Infertility
Defined as failure to conceive after
one year of unproteced intercourse
Urinary Control
Types of Urinary Incontinence
common causes
Kidney Stone Disease Human Sexuality Pediatric Urology
Kidney Stone Disease
UANT offers the most advanced
techinques & technology
Human Sexuality
Erectile Dysfunction, Male Infertility, Female Sexual Dysfuntion, Counceling
Pediatric Urology
Bed Wetting, Urinary Incontinence, Hernia, Urinary Tract Infections


UANT Mission, Physicians & Locations

Develop and maintain a Urology practice that delivers high quality patient care to our patients in a high quality work environment for UANT's employees and physicians. In addition, UANT will maintain profitability, allowing UANT the financial resources required to attract, retain, and acquire the human resources and technology essential to fulfill our primary mission: WORLD-CLASS Urologic Patient Care.

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About Urology Associates of North Texas

In 1992 Dr Pat Hezmall and Dr. John House merged their solo urology practices and founded the Urology Associates of North Texas (UANT). Within 1 year Dr David Ellis became a partner in UANT thus beginning the phenomenal growth of what was to become the largest urology group in the world.

Initially UANT's growth was spurred by the promise of the economic efficiencies but by 1997 the group had reached a critical mass and it began to focus on the future and its long term strategic goals. Its Mission Statement, to deliver World Class urologic care, was developed in 1998 and the group began the task of fulfilling its mission by attracting, retaining and acquiring the necessary human resources and technology.

The group added physicians by hiring urologists directly out of residency, fellowship training, private practice and through mergers with existing groups. UANT embraced the latest in information technology by installing electronic medical records and added diagnostic and therapeutic facilities by pooling resources and plowing profits back into the necessary infrastructure. In 2006 UANT initiated a major internal quality enhancement program and appointed its first medical director, Dr Bob Dowling. This unique program will monitor the quality of care UANT's physicians and services deliver based on patient satisfaction, science based protocols and outcomes analysis.

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